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List of Past EMR Events

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PO Gabriel Vitale 5K Memorial Run

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Emergency Medical RESCUE of NYC

NYC’s First Volunteer BLS-D First Response Unit

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About Emergency Medical RESCUE

Emergency Medical RESCUE is a volunteer BLS-D First Response Unit operating in the City of New York, formed in December of 1995 by Martin Grillo, Paramedic.

At this time our operational area is the five Boroughs of the City of New York, but we have operated at special events in other areas.

Our team is made up of members from the EMS and Law Enforcement communities. The members volunteer to provide assistance to the public.

  • Assisting at Transportation Incidents
  • Providing Emergency Communications
  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Disaster Preparedness, Response, Mitigation, and Public Education

We also provide medical standbys at special events, such as Road races, bike races, street fairs, and other community events.

We have been approved by the Regional Emergency Medical Council of NYC (REMSCO) to operate at the EMT-D Level.

We work closely with the volunteer ambulance community. We are a non-transport service. EMR * NYC is a member of the NYS Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Association, District Four.

Our Medical Director is Dr. Louis Marshall, M.D.

EMR * NYC is a 501(c) (3) Not For Profit Corporation. All of our funding comes from donations, none of our members receives any compensation for their services.

To contact us:

Emergency Medical RESCUE of New York City
PO Box 116
Howard Beach, NY 11414-0116

Phone 718-474-0680, Fax- 718-474-0642, Email: info@EMRNYC.com

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